Our mental health workshops in high schools continue in 2024

In January and February, our volunteers gave 6 presentations for high school students from Bucharest and Arad. A notable moment was the workshop organised at an event of the Interact Central Bucharest Club, in collaboration with the “Saint Sava” National College, in which more than 50 students participated. During this event, MHR volunteers and students discussed the signs of the most common mental disorders, how they can be prevented and where you can ask for help if you are in a difficult situation.

Videoconference organized by the Economic and Social Council about the state of mental health in Romania

On the 26th of January we got the opportunity to participate in a debate initiated by the Economic and Social Council (CES) in Romania, with the theme “The Overview of Mental Health in Romania”. CES released a comprehensive report, presenting the current situation of mental health in Romania, and suggesting the introduction of public policies to improve both the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, in the medical system, at the workplace, and in educational institutions.

We hope that those who joined in the conversation will build on the steps started by the CES, and that the proposals in the report will materialize in changes in the public system.


Helping others – a conversation about prosocial behaviours

Prosocial behaviors are those behaviors that we do for others. If you want to learn more about the reasons why prosocial behaviors should be promoted, what influences the engagement in this type of behaviors and how they can develop, we invite you to listen to the podcast episode in full, and also to check the bibliographic sources used.

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Together to support access to therapy services in Romania: Partnership with Hedepy

Hedepy is a platform that offers online psychotherapy services, available in 12 countries of the world, including Romania. It hosts over 30 carefully selected therapists, even offering a quiz to help you find a specialist that suits your needs.

Starting with 2024, Mental Health for Romania became a partner of the online therapy platform Hedepy Romania. In the coming weeks, the Hedepy professionals will appear on the MHR Map of Professionals, and the users of our map will be able to directly access the fully online services offered by Hedepy. Afterwards, we will launch a program where we will give away some free and discounted session packages offered by Hedepy specialists. Note that this program will only be available to members of our Discord server, so if you want to take advantage of it, we invite you to join the server by going to this link.


Mental Health in Gaming: 6 jocuri despre sănătatea mintală

“Press any button to start” E curios, nu-i așa? Cum jocurile video ne pot transpune în lumi virtuale cu posibilități nelimitate – de la regate medievale până la orașe distopice dintr-un viitor mult îndepărtat. Cum ne putem pierde în poveștile unor personaje cu care ne putem identifica și al căror destin este dictat chiar de ...

Launching the the MHR Art Contest Gallery

Today we launch the online gallerywith over 250 illustrations, photos, poems and prose on mental health topics, selected from the 3 editions of our art contest!

We are delighted to have been able to create this space on our website where different art forms portray a wide range of emotions and vulnerable experiences related to mental health that so many of us find ourselves in.

Thanks to everyone who trusted to send us their work, to the MHR team who worked for months to build the gallery, and to the sponsors of each year’s contest! 💚

The achievements of Mental Health for Romania in 2023

This year was one in which we grew and explored the possibilities through which we can have the greatest impact in the community, mainly how we can help educate and raise awareness among young people in Romania about mental health.

Our team has grown, currently counting 40 active and passionate volunteers. În total, in 2023, over 500 middle and high school students from Dolj, Arad, București, Iași and a few other counties participated in our mental health workshops. We benefited from the attention of engaged students and the support of generous teachers. Approximately 97% of the students found the workshop useful, interesting, and well presented.

The MHR Map of Professionals, where mental health psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists in the country sign up to be easily connected with those seeking help, has reached over 200 professionals. We are extimating that aprox. 300 people used mental health services through the Map, over 90% of them benefiting from partial or full discounts.

In 2023 we also relaunched another MHR project, our podcast, where we talk about various mental health related topics. We want to thank our over 2.100 de ascultători, who tuned in for the 6 episodes released this year. You can follow us on Spotify, Google Podcasts and YouTube. Psss! A big announcement is coming at the beginning of 2024, but you are finding out about it now! We are very close to launching the online gallery including all the winning submissions from the past 3 editions of our art contest. Keep an eye on our social platforms in January!


Mental health is not a trend, it is a priority – Dr. Gabriel Zanfir

In today’s episode we have Dr. Gabriel Zanfir, resident doctor at the Alexandru Obregia Psychiatric Hospital and accredited clinical psychologist, with whom we discuss the mental health of young people and the importance of professional help when it comes to our mental health.

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A new semester talking about mental health in Romanian schools

Our new MHR volunteers started the new school year with the ambition to bring the discussion about mental health to as many high schools as possible. Thus, Alex Căpitanu visited the 9th grade, at the “Buzești Brothers” National College in Craiova, where the students were involved and receptive. Also, this month Gabriela Roman from Iasi visited 30 students from the 10th grade of the “Vasile Alecsandri” National College, welcoming a whole group of students open to the discussion of this topic.

If you want to bring one of our workshops to your class, you can ask your teachers to join the project here!

October 10: World Mental Health Day

Since 1992, the World Health Organization (WHO) has dedicated October 10 to mental health awareness, so today we celebrate it as World Mental Health Day. WHO defines health as “a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”, being important throughout our development and influencing relational, decision-making and hardship management patterns.

We asked you, through our Social Media channels, what mental health means to you. See some of the responses below.