The Creation Contest

3rd edition

September 6 – November 11

Art is often praised for the way in which it makes us channel emotions that would be otherwise difficult to express. We believe that any form of art that relates to mental health can bring more understanding to the experiences of people affected by disorders and more awareness on the subject. For this reason, we launched the Mental Health for Romania Creative Contest in 2020, and now we invite you to share your art with us in the third edition as well.

The selected works will be posted on the website and social media pages of Mental Health for Romania, on their own, or accompanying other materials created by our team. For each category, the judging will be done by us, together with some specialists.

The number of I, II and III places will be decided according to the number of participants.


Fill in your contact details, choose the category (or categories) you want to participate in and upload your files.

You can submit materials for all categories, maximum of 2 works per category.

File names must each include the title of the paper and your name. Inappropriately titled papers will not be counted.

Include in the form a title and description for each work submitted.

If more than one person contributed to your work, please state this in the “description” field and include everyone’s name.

Only one entry per person is accepted! If you fill out the form more than once, only the first form sent will be taken into account.





Drawing, painting,
collage & illustrations

Sponsors of the 3rd edition


First place

Places in theoretical courses of your choice offered by the Calea Victoriei Foundation

25% discount in our online store

Second place

1-year subscriptions to DOR magazine

25% discount in our online store

Third place

3-month subscriptions to VOXA

25% discount in our online store


50 lei vouchers for Okian

25% discount in our online store

Discord Prize

“Most voted work/category on Discord”

A 100 lei voucher each at Curtea Veche

25% discount in our online store


“Best Queer Work”

A 100 lei voucher at Cărturesți

25% discount in our online store

Ukraine Prize

“Best work on mental health in the context of the war in Ukraine (Ukrainian authors)”

A 100 lei voucher at Cărturesți

25% discount in our online store

The contest entry period has ended.