Terms & Conditions

The Association Mental Health for Romania (MHR), registered with number 184088 at the National Registry for the Record of Non-Governmental Organisations (Ministry of Justice) and with the email address contact@mentalhealthforromania.org, is a Romanian legal entity without patrimonial or for-profit purposes, based in Romania.

Accessing this website implies accepting the terms and conditions listed below. We reserve the right to update this section and to post the date of the last update.

I. Materials posted on our website

All materials posted on the website https://mentalhealthforromania.org, as well as the design of the website, were made by the MHR team and its collaborators, except the illustrations within blog articles, whose authors, when known, are explicitly credited. The written, visual, and any other type of content that is posted on our website cannot be reproduced in the absence of permission from one of our team members. This permission must be given explicitly in the form of a written agreement before publishing the materials on other platforms.

Other elements that are protected by intellectual property rights, belonging exclusively to the Association, cannot be used without the written agreement from a senior member or the president of the Association.

II. Materials from external sources

Any content sent by you (for example, materials for our blog, occasional contests or open calls) through our email address (mentioned above) or through social media, belongs to both the Association and the author for personal use – for example, the material can be posted on the creator’s personal social media pages.

The association will act in good faith (bona fide) regarding copyright. Thus, we do not take responsibility for violating copyright in the situation in which the content you sent does not belong to you. We take the responsibility of reporting you to the relevant authorities, at their request, in case of copyright violation.

III. Hyperlinks to our website

Creating hyperlinks to our website is allowed, but this permission is not irrevocable or exclusive. Thus, links that are used for spreading disinformation/fake news, for deceit or for the derogation of the Association, as well as their offensive uses, are not allowed.

IV. Hyperlinks to external websites and embedded content

To protect copyright and as a result of our collaborations with other organisations/private entities, we will occasionally post hyperlinks to external sites administered by third parties on our website http://mentalhealthforromania.org. Our organisation does not take any responsibility regarding the content of those websites. That is exclusively the responsibility of the organisation or person who administers the respective webpage.

The articles on our blog contain embedded information (for example images, Youtube videos, etc.). We are not responsible for this content since accessing it is voluntary, involving visiting and viewing an external source (for example, you view a Youtube video through the Youtube platform, even though there is a link to it on our website).

Last updated 9/02/2022