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We are raising awareness about mental illness and working to increase access to specialised services for those in need.

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Through our map, we hope to make the mental health services available in Romania more transparent, as well as more accessible for everyone.

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Let’s bring mental health (education) to high schools!

In the winter of 2021, we started bringing mental health workshops to high schools around the country. To have a bigger reach, we need teachers to collaborate with, who can facilitate the organisation of our workshops during their classes. Do you want us to come to your school?

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Today’s reading

After a long wait, we have created a special gallery with the winning works from all previous editions of the Creative Contest.

Denied love

Evelyn Sim • Mențiune

They’ve told me all my life to be myself/
yet when I started loving/
the greatest sorrow took upon their hearts./
How did this happen, we gave you everything/
why are you so ungrateful/
while all I wanted was to live,/
to love a woman such as myself/
just to be loved./……

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Our mental health workshops in high schools continue in 2024

In January and February, our volunteers gave 6 presentations for high school students from Bucharest and Arad. A notable moment was the workshop organised at an event of the Interact Central Bucharest Club, in collaboration with the “Saint Sava” National College, in which more than 50 students participated. During this event, MHR volunteers and students discussed the signs of the most common mental disorders, how they can be prevented and where you can ask for help if you are in a difficult situation.

Videoconference organized by the Economic and Social Council about the state of mental health in Romania

On the 26th of January we got the opportunity to participate in a debate initiated by the Economic and Social Council (CES) in Romania, with the theme “The Overview of Mental Health in Romania”. CES released a comprehensive report, presenting the current situation of mental health in Romania, and suggesting the introduction of public policies to improve both the prevention and treatment of mental disorders, in the medical system, at the workplace, and in educational institutions.

We hope that those who joined in the conversation will build on the steps started by the CES, and that the proposals in the report will materialize in changes in the public system.


Helping others – a conversation about prosocial behaviours

Prosocial behaviors are those behaviors that we do for others. If you want to learn more about the reasons why prosocial behaviors should be promoted, what influences the engagement in this type of behaviors and how they can develop, we invite you to listen to the podcast episode in full, and also to check the bibliographic sources used.

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Forbes Romania

Forbes 30 under 30, 2023 edition – Dan-Mircea Mirea (26), Project Coordinator Mental Health for Romania: Focus on the human brain

Concerned about the importance of mental health, Dan Mirea creates educational content about psychology and linguistics on TikTok and Instagram. This year, he attracted about $250,000 in grants to study the effect of “social rewards,” such as social media likes or shares, on the behavior and emotions of people with depression.


“Every mind counts” in Dumbrava

Dumbrava, the village from Prahova which last year obtained the title of “European Youth Village”, organized the first mental health workshop last weekend. Ioana Tonceanu, a volunteer from the Mental Health for Romania organisation, was invited to deliver the workshop.

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