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Forbes 30 under 30, 2023 edition – Dan-Mircea Mirea (26), Project Coordinator Mental Health for Romania: Focus on the human brain

Concerned about the importance of mental health, Dan Mirea creates educational content about psychology and linguistics on TikTok and Instagram. This year, he attracted about $250,000 in grants to study the effect of “social rewards,” such as social media likes or shares, on the behavior and emotions of people with depression.


“Every mind counts” in Dumbrava

Dumbrava, the village from Prahova which last year obtained the title of “European Youth Village”, organized the first mental health workshop last weekend. Ioana Tonceanu, a volunteer from the Mental Health for Romania organisation, was invited to deliver the workshop.


I suffer from anxiety: what do I do?

In September, Mental Health for Romania, a non-governmental organization dedicated to mental health among youth, launched the Mental Health for Romania Map of Specialists. Maria Pascale launched this NGO in 2019 with the desire to raise awareness about mental illness and improve access to professional services for those in need.

Dissolved Magazine

Interview with Mental Health for Romania: What it is like to be an NGO that destigmatizes mental health

I wish we spent more time talking about our inner struggles with our thoughts and feelings when I was in high school. I wish there was more understanding and less stigma, that it was normal to take care of yourself and know that you can trust those around you. When I found Mental Health for Romania on Instagram, I know I had a little aha moment…

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How much do we talk about mental health in Romania? – Mental Health for Romania

Mental Health for Romania is a youth-led organization dedicated to mental health among young people. I talked a little with Dan Mirea, project coordinator, about what led him to get involved in the association, about how he wants to contribute to creating a dialogue regarding mental health in our country and about the projects they already have in deployment.

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