The Tower

I am the girl in the tower.
I have been here my whole life, or so it feels, for I cannot pinpoint when the tower grew around me, isolating me with only a window to watch the outside world from. And that I did: I watched and let my soul wander along the green field and join the children playing and become one of the teenagers falling in love in the shadow of a glorious tree. They were all around, yet so separate from me.


I woke up laying down in this empty white room, I raise my head to look around, there’s nothing, nothing except this cold feeling and a window. How can a place feel so safe and so unwelcoming at the same time?

I can’t breathe, I want to run, I have to run. I look outside too see such life and vibrant colors so I run in full speed towards the window, I’ll break this down, if it doesn’t break me first, but this window opened itself. With a grin on my face, one foot inside, one foot outside almost touching the ground, I’m brutally pulled back, with the same force I wanted to escape.