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Cristina Frei (art, social media, mental health)

In this month’s episode, we meet the perspective of an influencer, through the lens of their career as an illustrator. Rodica talks to the content creator Cristina Frei about the challenges and joys of the life of a designer, juggling between the role of a young mother, wife, woman and campaigner for time spent authentically in relationship with loved ones and with oneself.

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Psychedelics: History, Research, and Possible Roles in Psychiatry

Psychedelic substances are psychoactive substances that alter the way we think, the way we perceive the world and the state of consciousness, mainly through their action on the serotonergic system. Surely you’ve heard of LSD (diethylamidolysergic acid), psilocybin or ayehuasca, and if not, we’ll tell you about it in this month’s episode.

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The stress of the exam period and what the students would change in the Romanian education system

We are in the exam period, which is why this month’s episode is made together with high school students, about their experiences during exams and tests. Stress, anxiety and discomfort can accompany us in many ways when taking an exam or on the way to handing in the exam paper.

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