News about Romanians’ relationship with mental health

On June 26 the order 1992/2023 was published through which the public services related to the medical act are regulated, includingthe rules regarding the implementation of psychological services. The order stipulates that from now on, the premises of all the offices that deliver psychological services must be sanitary authorized by DSP, if they deliver public services related to the medical act, regardless of whether or not they have a contract with CNAS.

The requirements for obtaining the approval are more difficult to access for individual practices due to space considerations (for example requirements regarding the number of bathrooms, waiting rooms, etc.) These requirements are also difficult to maintain financially, something that could make it more difficult to afford to own / rent office spaces. Psychologists might then have to raise prices, and refuse to cooperate with CAS. There might also be other undesirable effects in a system where the profession of psychologist is already onerous.

You can read an opinion piece about this order here.