The science behind mental health

Ep 3 – In this episode, the young researchers from the MHR team, Dan Mirea and Larisa Dinu, tell us about the science behind health and mental disorders, debating various topics such as: the diagnostic system and its problems, the biological and psychological theories behind psychiatric disorders, how different types of treatment work and what they are based on, and finally the place of mental health within our overall health.


The Real Problems With Psychiatry | Interview with Gary Greenberg | EN

  • criticism of the diagnostic system as not being a product of science

Debunking the two chemical imbalance myths, again | Ronald W Pies | EN

  • debunking the myth of chemical imbalance and introducing the model
  • bio-psycho-socio-cultural of mental disorders

Cognitive psychology | Saul McLeod | EN

  • explanation of the field of cognitive psychology and how its principles are applied in CBT

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy | ColorMind | RO

  • very clear introduction to CBT/CBT and the conceptual model behind it

Evidence-Based Therapy: Science or Marketing? | Jonathan Shedler | EN

  • explanation of the fact that just because CBT is a form of therapy based on evidence and scientific principles does not mean that it is necessarily more effective than eg: psychodynamic therapies


Masters of the Mind | Theodore Millon | EN

  • historical perspective on people’s and different cultures’ understanding of mental health and disorders

The Inflamed Mind | Edward Bullmore | EN

  • the book in which the inflammatory theory of depression is presented by its author

The Globalization of the American Psyche | Ethan Watters | EN

  • about another component of the faulty diagnostic system that we haven’t gotten around to addressing, namely the absence of cultural differences in the understanding of disorders


The DSM’s Origin Story | SciShow Psych | EN

  • about the factors that led to the conception of the diagnostic system in the DSM, none of these factors being linked to empirical evidence

The Science Behind Depression | ASAPScience | subtitrat în RO

  • focused on the theory of neurogenesis, another theory of depression, whereby depression is linked to insufficient regeneration of neurons

Neuroscience of anxiety | Neuro Transmissions | EN

Mental disorders as brain disorders | TEDTalk-ul lui Thomas Insel | subtitled in RO

  • about psychiatric disorders as brain disorders

The connection between mental and physical health | Pysch Hub Education | EN

  • short animation showing the holistic view of overall health, which includes physical and mental health and is more than the absence of disorders