The process of breaking apart

Let me extend you the pleasure of a glimpse
A picture of the maddened maggots crawling through my dreams, Eating away, a brain so flayed, and so terribly afraid
Of sunken thoughts, like krakens waiting for a ship to raid;
A parade of people held against the walls of the northern railroad station Carrying their chains towards the trains for camps of concentration,
A scenery of ashy gray fills the sky before the thunderstorm
Alert await the clouds the right conjecture, a crackling thunder to be born For blazing horns to shatter Heaven and free us from its fate
But until then, the world is tasked, a heart of man to break.

When it comes to suffering, we’re all natural born artisans
Reminiscing in traumatic sceneries and defending ‘em like partisans,
Unconscious behaviors flying under the radar to the untrained eye
Cloaked from the senses like a bombardment hid deep in the sky,
Unfocused mercurial minds missing half of the emotion’s spectrum
Helplessly spinning a rigged wheel of fortune in perpetuum,
Unaware of our surroundings, claiming we’re all alone
An invitation to slowly succumb to our perfidy comfort zone,
Lacking the willpower to turn idealistic thoughts into action
We’re lying dormant and waiting for our bodies putrefaction.

Let me extend you the soothing sight of an illusion
A sermon meant to deepen your dissonant confusion,
Taking apart, a leaking heart, and hardened like a rock
By myriads of gorgons, gazing in their slithered track;
An attic of antiquities hauled to the devil’s auction house
Sold to senseless masters of mirages and adepts of the alehouse;
A pandemonium of creaking boards sinking the ship by raging tempest
Patient prays the captain; it’s eerie trembled testament for righteous rest,
For shivering cries to open the Inferno and shackle our free will
But until then it’d have me tasked mankind’s hope to kill.

When it comes to suffering, we’re all willing to block it away
Constructing distorted realities in which we have the last say,
Acting in circles commanded by our destructive mental schemes
Challenged and tortured even in our everlasting sleepless dreams,
Biological limitations barricading our way to the Jungian mandala
While the waking time is sinking in the grasping Maya of Kamala,
Clusters of atoms are congesting and vibrating in what I see is quantum fear
So, we seek connections to our peers and lovers, nothing known to disappear,
Sheltered that we’re greater than that who’s laughing in the sanatorium
We’re pushing deep the thought of certain fate in the crematorium.

Let me extend you the false promise of a cure
Delusional ways in which life’s mockery to endure,
Shutting off, from all that’s sought, and never sighted
Amor fati and seclusion in the way the martyrs fight it,
Adhere to the absurd and dance with fates and muses
Summon death and cheat it, let it be the one who loses,
A healthy mind in not worried by thoughts of insanity
HA! HA! HA! Assume your tribal stance in the face of calamity,
Pray to the moon, burn with the sun, and travel the empty
I, Faustus, call upon the Whore of Babylon to tempt me!

I, no more than the grass I crush beneath
Let me join my mother Gaia in her sleep,
Let me be unborn, and make it eternal
Rhythmic symphony of a heart beating maternal.
No more w unds too= cover, I am scarred – UNDO IT!
No m re asking of tis self: WHY DID I DO IT?
N m re belifs! N m e wwords! Oh war o words…
H e!