Map of Romanian Mental Health Professionals

Through our map, we hope to make the process of finding a therapist more accessible for everyone. The platform includes multiple interactive filters, such as filters for:

  • discounted and free-of-charge services
  • experience with and openness towards the LGBT community
  • experience with different conditions and vulnerable groups
  • online and telephone services
  • professionals offering the first session free of charge

Let’s talk about mental health in schools!

In Romania, many teenagers struggle with mental health conditions, a fact that in most cases is neglected or inappropriately addressed. According to the World Health Organisation, most of these problems begin to materialise around the age of 14.


We believe that normalising the conversations around mental health is the first step in decreasing the stigma against mental health problems, reducing bullying and social isolation, and preventing complications. 


In the spring of 2021 we started organising workshops in high schools all around Romania, focused on methods of early identification of mental illness, techniques for managing anxiety and stress, as well as resources for support.

Do you want to bring our mental health workshops to your high school? Tell your teachers to sign up below:

Blog & Podcast

We try to offer a wide range of articles and podcasts – with informative content, interview-style, personal stories, or reviews of mental health-themed films and books.


Do you have a story that you’d like to share through our blog or podcast?


We want to better understand the struggles people in Romania face in terms of mental health, their attitudes towards mental health, as well as how prepared the Romanian mental healthcare system is.


We are getting at these questions in 2 ways: by searching the literature and analysing existing data, as well as carrying out our own studies. In 2021, we carried out our first study focused on the mental health of students, with 1300 participants from throughout the country. 


The purpose of this research is to inform not only ourselves (in order to improve our work), but also our followers and the larger community.

MHR Art Contest

Art is often praised for the way in which it makes us channel emotions that would be otherwise difficult to express. We believe that any form of art that is related to mental health can help us better understand the experiences of people living with mental health conditions, while raising awareness in the process. For this reason, in 2020 we launched the Mental Health for Romania Art Contest, for which we have so far received over 500 submissions.